19th, August : humanitarian day

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HHA Burundi collaborate  with Always Be Listened Global Initiative (http://www.alwaysbelisteningglobal.com/)  for all projects in Burundi- including proposal project conception, implantation, project development, grant management, M&E, Reporting- current proposals inclunding :   healing, mental health, medical aid, child affected assistance and raped women care, disabled persons aid, aid evidence innovation based projects- WASH and refuges Assistance.


Who is  Dr Marilee Ruebsamen?


Marilee Ruebsamen, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., Founding Executive Director

always be listening global initiative
global health, mental health | no health without mental health | mental health IS health!
Founding Director, Abbey Psychological Services: severe stress, coping, traumatic loss; wellbeing
associate professor psychology, part-time core faculty, PGSP, palo alto, ca, former 
profound loss, sadness, helplessness, traumatic grief, chronic terror
multiple traumatic stress in children of war: nature, effects, assessment & need-based intervention  
select memberships, partner, informal partner, ally & friend
PHAP, Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance & Protection, Brussels 
World Association of Infant Mental Health, UN Women
N.E.A.R. Humanitarian Network, Member  &   Human Health Aid Burundi, Member, Partner
SUTCO Support the Children Uganda/SO Sudan, Partner, Save the Children Jordan; Jordanian Camps for Syrian Children     
     UN Committee Against Children in Armed Conflict  ally
Zeylyn Project: Kibera Slum School, Nehemiah Project, ally & informal partner
Mukwege Foundation, Preemptive Love Coalition, Art Refuge UK,, strong supporter, ally

listening and speaking conversationally for personal war experience & current needs of children
2) allows us to quantify their traumatic experiences, ways of managing and coping, their current wellbeing and mental health (not possible if they were required to read questions and write answers in their traumatized state),
(we are listening for expressed psychosocial distress or strength, indicators of sturdy, flexible coping & mental health
vs. expression of more serious psychiatric symptoms (such as child anxiety, depression, dissociation) or the absence
of mental health symptoms.) 

we are also able to continually gather data on topics such as
child and family coping in extreme adversity, 
the effects on children of unremitting loss and war trauma,
the changing characteristics and trends of current disasters,
multiple armed conflicts, unending migrations, 
& the nature of effective global humanitarian responses.

“The UN estimates that more than 244 million people currently live outside of their country of origin.” 
“Clearly, this presents a global challenge for how we will address the related psychological stress.” 
“Research such as this on migrating populations is essential to meeting the challenge.”
*See the entire 
special issue, free, available online at the European Journal of Psychotraumatology (Dr Marilee)